Our society is enamored with litigation. When people get angry, they often threaten to sue. Suing, however, may not produce the most effective outcomes because it severely limits your options. In court, you give much of your authority away. No longer is the outcome your decision; instead, the decision rests in the hands of the judge.

Your goal should be to maximize profits and minimize risks, but instead you end up expending valuable resources trying to win lawsuits. In the meantime, even if you can settle the case before final judgment, potentially profitable relationships are destroyed. Litigation breeds animosity.

♦ In litigation, you get what you can prove.

♦ In arbitration, you get what you deserve.

♦ In mediation, you can fulfill your business interests.

In mediation, you can transcend the pure legal assessments of the facts and truly focus on the problem.  In mediation you run the show and you call the shots. Don’t let outsiders – arbitrators, judges, or external legal counsel – tell you what to do. They have interests of their own; interests that may not be in alignment with your own!

With my assistance, you can generate your own solutions and avoid costly litigation through the confidential process of mediation. Mediation is flexible enough to engage large systemic problems and disciplined enough to keep you on track and communicating effectively. I won’t tell you what to do or how to do it, but I will help you move beyond unproductive behaviors and into effective problem solving. I will help you and those with whom you are in conflict to productively communicate the essence of the problem and work together to create solutions that will benefit everyone.

Together we can break the pattern of unproductive communications and move you toward outcomes that directly address the issues that matter to you the most.