Negotiation & Facilitation

Our everyday life is filled with negotiations. Some are high stakes; others are minor, but all of them impact the quality and progress of our lives. As with conflict, however, few people truly understand the art of negotiation.  Most people develop negotiation strategies by default, many of which are ineffective or at worst counterproductive.  Successfully negotiating a pay increase or the salary of a new job can be near impossible if you are unprepared. Without effective negotiation, contracting for services with a new vendor or finalizing a new partnership can make or break your business.

I can help you become a better negotiator.  I have experience teaching students and clients from all walks of life basic and advanced negotiation skills.  With my specialty in cross-cultural and international negotiations, I can make you a more effective negotiator in any setting.  I will work with you to understand classic negotiation theory and to practice applying this theory to negotiations both big and small. With my help, you can learn how to face your toughest negotiations with renewed confidence and competence.


How many times have you been stuck in a meeting that you thought would never end? You just wished you had someone who would help you quickly move through your agenda and manage the conversation in a productive manner.  Having an effective facilitator participate in your meetings is the solution.  I can help you turn tedious gatherings into effective collaborations and dramatically increase the productivity and efficiency of the group.

By refining your agenda and the structure of the meeting, I can assist you in moving past the typical barriers of unfocused conversations and unproductive meetings. I can also help you manage difficult group members who monopolize the conversation or refuse to engage with the group.  We can also address how to improve group decision-making skills by using new methods of gaining consensus and understanding others’ positions and interests.

Hiring a meeting facilitator can be one of the best decisions you will ever make. You will be amazed as how much easier it is to get things accomplished when a trained facilitator is leading the discussion. Contact me here to discuss how I can help you turn your meetings into successful collaborations.