Great Leaders Prepare for the Unexpected

Leaders understand that conflict happens.  Growth happens.  Teams change.

You can’t prevent difficulties, but you CAN prevent conflict from turning into a disaster. 

Don’t let circumstances spill out of control.

I’ve walked through the wreckage of teams, organizations, and companies after things have gone awry.  

Let me work with you to help you become a great leader and prepare for the unexpected.

Great Leaders Prepare for the Unexpected (or, Prepare for Crisis)

Leaders understand that conflict happens. Growth happens. Teams change. We can’t prevent difficulties.

You CAN prevent it from turning into DISASTER.

I’ve walked through the wreckage of teams, organizations and companies when things go awry – and now I work with good leaders to help them get great – and prepare for the unexpected.

Don’t let circumstances spill out of control.

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Due to the sensitive nature of the type of coaching and other work I do, some names have been changed or redacted.

What Prevents Individual and Team Growth and Development (and leads to crisis)

The Most Common Mistake I See Leaders Make (and leads to crisis)

I have spent decades addressing conflict in the workplace. I’ve dealt with hundreds of formal complaints filed against managers from their employees. I’ve seen good leaders make bad choices that ultimately lead to even worse consequences. I intentionally developed a leadership coaching practice just to help these folks.

There is one critical mistake that I see most leaders make, that prevents them from leading effectively and growing their companies.

Get the short report here that details this mistake, how it affects teams, stories on how it can be addressed and more.

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