The Texas Conflict Coach 100th Episode

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Pattie Porter and Zena Zumeta host the 100th Episode of their webradio show focused on conflict resolution practice and resources. These shows are wonderful resources for professional conflict resolvers and for anyone with a conflict.

In 2010, Pattie hosted a two-part interview on the foundations and practice of somatic skills. These interviews encapsulate the theory and application of somatic skills and help you understand how to develop awareness of how your body responds to stressful situations and some simple techniques to counter act the fight-or-flight response.

Please take the opportunity to listen in and review their archives.

Click on the Blog Talk Radio link below to listen or download the show:

Listen to internet radio with Texas Conflict Coach on Blog Talk Radio


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One Comment

  • Stephen,

    You were awesome to call-in last night in support of the show. Your expertise in somatic practices enhances and brings a newer level of understanding to how to manage stress in conflict.Listeners will appreciate the practical skills in your two-part show.


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