Coming Soon – The Embodiment Podcast with Mark Walsh

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My long time friend and colleague, UK based and world-renowned embodiment trainer, Mark Walsh will be interviewing me this week for his Embodiment Podcast. I have known Mark for almost two decades through Aiki Extensions, an organization dedicated to applying the principles and the methods of Aikido in everyday life. We are both long-time students of master embodiment teacher Paul Linden and have each spend decades learning his Being in Movement system that was instrumental to our applications of somatics to conflict resolution and business. 

Mark is a dynamic and driven trainer and coach who has a well established YouTube channel in addition to training programs focused on Yoga, finding your purpose and becoming an embodied facilitator to name a few. His depth and experience with somatics is a true gift to the field and his students. So please stay tuned and I’ll post the interview when it is completed!

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