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I have just been notified that has selected my website as one of the 101 Must-Bookmark Sites for Business Managers. To quote Jane Bryant of ” This list is meant not only for beginning managers or those in school for business, but also for those with experience who are looking to refresh their skills and get new perspective on current management practices. Your site has great info both for new managers and veterans.”

Thank you to for adding my blog to their must-bookmark list!

I also completely agree with their outlook on business conflict resolution, which they describe as being “a huge part of business. Negotiations between companies and within companies often need a third party to step-in and make sure that things stay civil and everyone’s needs are met while keeping the company on track.”

Without these essential conflict management skills, managers become ineffective and the organization soon grounds to a halt. Becoming an effective problem solver is one of the most important skills any employee or leader can develop. Kudos to for providing this resource to new and veteran business managers.

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