Paul Linden Online Course in Being in Movement® Mindbody Training

My long-time mentor and first Aikido teacher, Paul Linden will be sharing his decades of knowledge on how to better manage your fear and stress through an online course offered early next month. Hosted by my colleague and fellow student of Paul’s, Mark Walsh an experience embodiment trainer based in the UK. I’ll be presenting on how you can better manage your fight or flight response in high conflict situations.

Course content

The course will cover the first fundamentals of Paul’s work. This includes:

  • Simple movement experiences to communicate the central concepts quickly and dramatically 
  • Embodied ethics 
  • Trauma recovery
  • Computer posture and working online 
  • Centring and self regulation masterclasses
  • Application of the work to group business training 
  • Application of the work to life coaching 
  • Application of the work to stress management, resilience and conflict 
  • Applications to working with children (including special needs)
  • Uses of logic and critical thinking in embodied work
    Calls can be attended live or listened to as recordings 

Early bird registration ends soon so sign up today!

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