Seven Years With George Mason University

Today marks the 7th year that I have taught for the Masters program of the School of Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University. I am honored and excited to part of a dynamic, experienced, and pioneering program. It is also incredibly gratifying to be part of the development of future conflict resolution practitioners and scholars enrolled in this program.

My work with somatic skills has always been driven by a desire to improve the field of conflict resolution and myself. I passionately believe that this work is central to our future progression and relevance. Lt. Col. Dave Grossman captures my feelings precisely when he trains Law Enforcement Officers and military personnel on how our breathing can be used to control our fear and anger: “The degree to which we control our fear and anger is the degree to which we have mastered ourselves as human beings.”

I say something similar to this every time I train in somatics, “if you cannot control yourself – how can you help anyone else?” Until we can master ourselves, we will continue to fail those we wish to benefit the most. These courses in somatic skills give me solace that I may be empowering a future generation of conflict resolvers on a path toward self-mastery and excellence.  Thank you to this year’s cohort who will be in class today and thank you to George Mason University for this wonderful opportunity.

See you in class!

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