Talking to Your Tweens and Teens When They Question Their Beliefs: Listen in on 9/15 at 8 pm Eastern

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As our children grow, they naturally push for more control over their own lives.  Growing independence and natural curiosity may bring them to question why the family believes what we believe.  They might even reach the point of changing or abandoning beliefs held dear. How do we, as parents, keep emotions in check and constructively engage our kids in a conversation about our beliefs?  How might we turn a potential minefield into blessings in disguise?

Join us on Tuesday, 9/15 at 8 pm Eastern as I interview, Janet Bonnin, owner of Fine-Tuned Families and founder of the Families of The Way Christian ministry, for a fascinating and courageous conversation on beliefs.  We’ll look at how to respectfully and lovingly share what is in our minds and hearts while giving our children the space to seek answers to the questions they have.

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