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In support of the Gulf Cooperation Council Continuing Legal Education Consortium and in conjunction with the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative, K & L Gates Dubai was host to my day-long presentation on Enhancing Alternative Dispute Resolution Skills. Private practice lawyers representing six nations and from such prestigious law firms as AlSuwaidi & Company and Global Advocates and Legal Consultants learned new techniques that look beyond the legal arguments of the case to the larger context of the problem.  Drawing from the Nested Theory of Conflict and Christopher Moore’s Circle of Conflict participating lawyers were able to apply this analysis to their existing cases. This comprehensive analysis provided new insights in to options for settlement, unaccounted for risk, and more robust avenues for client advocacy.

I firmly believe that a good lawyer will provide you with their legal understanding of the case. A great lawyer will not only provide you with sound legal advice, they will also help you resolve your problem.  It was my pleasure and honor to help these esteemed lawyers in Dubai move from good to great.

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