Congratulations to George Mason University!

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“Earlier this week, the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education, with George Mason University elevated to the “Highest Research Activity” tier. Only 115 universities are included in this group, with another 107 being considered as having “Higher Research Activity.” Until now, we had been included in that second tier.

To be recognized by Carnegie as a major research university nationally and internationally is a tremendous milestone for our university, for our state and for our region. Every Mason faculty and staff member and student should take tremendous pride in this accomplishment. We earned this because of your years of hard work and dedication.” ~ President Ángel Cabrera


As an Adjunct Professor for Mason’s School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, I wanted to congratulate Mason on this accomplishment. Research is the foundation of learning. Without investigation, no knew knowledge is gained. Kudos to President Cabrera and the staff and faculty of George Mason University on this accomplishment!

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