Somatics – An Untapped Resource for Conflict Coaches

Conflict Coaches are called on to help clients deal with a wide range of difficult circumstances. The presentation below highlights how the development of self-awareness through mastery of somatic skills is essential to success or failure when coaching clients.

Using simple techniques focused on breath, posture, and vision, coaches can improve their own performance and become more present/mindful during coaching sessions. When taught to clients, these same techniques can reveal powerful insights into your client through their physiology. This insight can then be used to develop self-awareness, manage anxiety, cultivate emotional intelligence, and foster self-esteem.

To learn more, please listen to the Association for Conflict Resolution Conflict Coaching Committee October teleseminar today from 12:00 to 1:00 pm EST at 857-232-0300, PIN 2545568 – not toll free.


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