A heartfelt thanks for all your expert facilitation and advice the past two days. As a result of your facilitation we are in a better place and have an improved chance of successfully moving our team in a positive direction, as well as addressing the broader systems issues at the D.C. office. I also want to thank you for going the extra mile+ — skipping lunch on Wednesday, and coming very early and staying until the very last minute possible today.

– Senior Health Care VP of one of the nation’s leading population health management organizations

Thank you so much for the amazing presentation this morning to our Management Seminar Series participants. Your presentation was one of the most interactive and thought provoking presentations I have heard in a long time. I truly appreciated how you engaged the audience and were happy to answer all of their questions. We have already had very positive feedback from our participants, so thank you!

– Training Director at the National Institutes of Health

What an awesome experience having you as my co-mediator.  I learned so much during those hours and can contribute new insight from the experience.  You have phenomenal skills and demonstrate neutral approaches that are especially a style that compliments Marine Corps culture.  I will always remember your demonstration.  I feel strongly that no other style would have such success with our initiator. Thank you for your patience and time.  When we concluded, you spent 9 1/2 hours in this process!  What a demonstration of commitment.  I hope our paths cross in the future and thank you very much for your professional guidance.

– Marla K. Rankin, Human Resource Development, Strategic Advisor for United States Marine Corps sharing her experience a mentee mediator

Hi Stephen,  Thanks for your help.   It certainly made me think and gave me some tools that I know will be helpful to me.   Actually, it has already helped tremendously.   I let my supervisor know that I found our coaching sessions very helpful.  It was a pleasure working with you and learning from you.

– Feedback from a senior Federal manager at the conclusion of our conflict coaching engagement

Thank you for the excellent work last night. The webinar format is always challenging and you handled it well! Your content was great, the scenario was right on target, and your responses to the questions clearly connected with those asking the questions.

– Executive Director of a Leadership Institute’s feedback from a webinar on interest-based negotiation

Deeply insightful and absolutely fabulous!  Well-researched and effectively planned and organized.

– Workshop evaluation from Center for ADR conference attendee

This is an excellent program! The examples are superb resources for learning how we can use the skills described to handle conflict.

– Attorney for the Securities and Exchange Commission

I didn’t realize there was so much into negotiation! You’re a very engaging speaker and the conversation throughout was very fruitful and helpful. It was helpful to have simulations. Also I enjoyed how you tied the video clips in to drive a point home. I really plan to use the skills learned today in my work life and personal life. Thank you!

I absolutely loved last week’s session on negotiation. It was very motivating and the speaker was really effective! I’m looking forward to using the methods soon and looking forward to our next session.

–  Participant feedback from a physician leadership session on interest-based negotiation for the Center for Transformation and Innovation

This course has been of the most memorable courses I have taken at S-CAR. The professor was funny, knowledgeable, helpful, and blunt in a friendly manner. All S-CAR students should be required to take this course! Valuable skills taught!

– School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution Masters Student at George Mason University

The Instructor was respectful and friendly, he asked everyone to participate and allowed us as much time as needed. Additionally the expertise that the instructor has was very valuable in transmitting the ideas and explaining them clearly.

– School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution Masters Student at George Mason University

Best presentation of the conference! Very relevant and good speaker.

– Association for Conflict Resolution workshop participant

Excellent facilitator. Did a great job in getting to the issues and getting people to open up.

– Participant in a workplace facilitation for the Department of Veterans Affairs

From our very first meeting Stephen has been a readily accessible teacher tremendously committed to supporting his students in and out of the classroom. His versatile approach enables shaping of everyday moments into opportunities to deepen self-awareness and build vital skills. His coaching transitioned me from post-traumatic stress to reflective practitioner.

– John DeRosa, veteran of Iraq and Balkan wars, career national security professional and aspiring conflict resolution practitioner

Stephen gave several conflict analysis and resolution training workshops, and developed a course module on the subject for the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative. The workshops and module addressed cross-cultural conflict, tools for analyzing conflict and preparing for mediation. Stephen’s work is high quality, and it is a pleasure to work with him.

– Omar Badawi, Senior Advisor for the Middle East and North Africa Division of the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative

I am very pleased with the effort and thought that Stephen puts into his work. He recently provided a webinar for our website www.adrhub.com. This was a new format for him to deliver his material and Stephen showed a high level proficiency with the content of the presentation and comfort with the technology. I look forward to working with Stephen in the future and can highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a presenter that will provide meaningful skills to practitioners in the conflict engagement field.

– Bryan Hanson, Assistant Director, The Werner Institute for Negotiation & Dispute Resolution

Stephen led a dynamic training session under the Monday Night Forum program for Northern Virginia Mediation Service in Fairfax, Virginia in July 2011.  The audience for the training included conflict resolution practitioners from highly diverse backgrounds.  Stephen was able to connect with each participant, adapting his techniques constantly to meet the needs of the group as well as those of individuals.

Participants overwhelmingly gave positive feedback on their evaluations following the session.  Stephen’s  expertise in the areas of body awareness, group facilitation and conflict resolution shone through in his very personable and interactive manner of training.  He was organized and professional from the first inquiry through planning, advanced provision of training materials and the event itself.  I highly recommend Stephen Kotev as a speaker, trainer and consultant.

– Megan Johnston, Director of the Northern Virginia Mediation Service

I felt extremely comfortable talking to Stephen and appreciated his gentle nudges when I felt stuck. He made the best of a bad situation

-Former Mediation Disputant

I really enjoyed this class, it should be a required course. These skills are imperative for conflict resolution practitioners and Stephen is a great professor. I am so glad I had the opportunity to take this course.

-Former student of my advanced two-day course offered at George Mason’s Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution (ICAR)

Thanks for the great class. The stuff that I learned in your class will probably be the most useful thing I learn in all of ICAR for my overall life.

-Former student of my advanced two-day course offered at George Mason’s Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution (ICAR)

Somatic Skills for Conflict Resolvers is one of the few classes that have taught me  the very valuable skill of being able to control my mind and body. When I gained control of my mind and body during stressful situations, I thought with clarity of mind, maintained awareness of my surroundings, and was able to call on my deep reservoir of conflict analysis and resolution knowledge when I needed to.

-Former student of my advanced two-day course offered at George Mason’s Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution (ICAR)

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