When In Doubt Breathe

Sailor prepares to be pepper sprayed
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Our first response to a threat is often to clench our jaw and tighten our resolve. This may not be your best option. Some folks have no choice like this poor sailor who is being pepper sprayed. Even in these dire circumstances, it’s important to remain calm. If you are so tense that you can’t move, then you are making life much more difficult than it has to be. With every difficult conversation comes with it the reality that ‘this too shall pass.’ I always recommend to folks that when in doubt, BREATHE!

No matter what is happening, no matter how horrible it seems, it will only get worse if you don’t remain calm and breathe. Regardless whether you are a fire fighter, nurse, HR manager, parent, or roommate, everyone’s body functions the same. Our natural response to aggression can be to immediately attack. Sometimes this is the best option, but many times we wished we would have chosen differently. The best way to counteract the Fight-or-Flight response is to JUST BREATHE. No matter the circumstances, this is always your best option!

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